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Video Interview With Jason Salkey.

Read The Entire 288 pg 1st Edition.

Video Showing The Artwork Creation.

Recollections of Rifleman Harris

Explore Multimedia are proud to announce the exciting release of this audio book,
which has been skillfully abridged from an 1848 first edition of this famous historical

memoir of a Rifleman, from the 95th Rifles, in the Napoleonic Wars. (Samples: 1 & 2)

This 1CD production is read by Jason Salkey, who played Harris in the Sharpe films,
with sound FX provided by The 95th Rifles Re-enactment Society. A musical score
by Adam Wakeman adds to this lavish production. A great deal of care and time has
been spent creating an audio book which truly honours the Rifleman of the Peninsula.

Take the disc out of your CD Player, then put it in your computer to also enjoy a
PC & MAC compatible Multimedia Section including :